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Comprehensive Marketing

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Web Site Know How has been helping Small and Medium sized businesses get the most from the web for more than 12 years. We don't just sell you hosting, and build your site we can help you find customers, generate revenue with banner ads and of course make money with your site. If you have a regular brick and mortar store, we can show you how to create a unified marketing effort which will help you grow both segments of that business.

Web site key word optimization

Monthly Active Search Engine Posting

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Pay per Click Marketing Campaigns

Comprehensive Unified Advertising Marketing Analysis and Planning

Key Benefits


We can scale your marketing effort to match your budget, impact and time


We manage your efforts, we do the work you reap the benefits.


Comprehensive approach, intelligent spending, saves money.


Out sourced expert management without the ad agency cost.


Guaranteed results or your money back


The thing that separates Website Know How from the competition is our ability to offer you a one stop shop for all your outsource internet marketing needs. We can host, build and publish your site. We can optimize and post your site to the top 100 search engines or guarantee placement with SEO service. We can provide pay per click services.  Looking to take advantage of social Networks, we can provide, setup, development and a full range or posting and marketing services. We can even provide a market analysis and plan for a unified conventional and or web advertising campaign. If you are in the United States, we can technical support for many kinds of internet problem. We approach solving our customers' problems not only by focusing on the immediate issues, but also by helping our customers see the big picture, so that one day they will become a big company and no longer need us.


Capability 1 - Wizard driven Search Engine Submission and Website optimization Tools. 

We offer many of the best tools to help the novice cost effectively market their websites. These products are made by some of the top and oldest players in online web site optimization and search engine posting business. Prices start at $150 for unlimited use for one year.

Capability 2 - Active, Website Key Word and image Optimization and posting.

Many of our clients don't have the time, the knowledge or the inclination to optimize their website or post it to the top search engines.  Instead they hire us to take care of that job for them in a cost effective manner. We will analysis the market position they want to achieve, find the key words, Meta tags and specific phrases necessary to achieve the top 10 search positioning. Then, we will add those key words, Meta tags and phrases to their website in the most strategic places and last but not least we will then submit that information to the top 100 search engine on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The cost of this service is determined primarily by the amount of research needed to determine your key words, Meta tags and phrases along with the frequency and duration of our submission service requested. Your planned budget, position desired and non internet related advertising can also play a factor in the overall cost.  Prices start at $595 for a quarterly campaigns, $895 for a semi-annual campaign and $1495 for an annual campaign.  We will gladly Taylor a special campaign for your company's individual needs.

Capability 3 - Active Search Engine Posting on a Daily Weekly or Monthly Basis

With this service we will actively submit all your current key words, Meta tags and phrases that you have in your current web site to the top 100 Search Engines on a regular basis.   We will then submit that information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  The fees for this service start at $395.95 for a monthly campaign, $349/month for a quarterly campaigns, $295/month for a semi-annual campaign and $249/month for an annual campaign.  We will gladly Taylor a special campaign for your company's individual needs.

Capability 4 - Guaranteed Top of Page Search Engine Placement with Pay Per Click Marketing

We can place your message at the top of the search engine list every time someone types your key words in the top 5 search engines. This pay per click service comes with measurable results and detailed usage/hits reports. Prices can be as low as 50 cents per click thru to your site. We can also have a banner, ad tile or news article listed based on the same key word searches. You can pay either by the click or by the viewing of your message. We will design and manage a campaign based on your budget, time frame, and impact needed. Prices start as low as $500 a month. This includes management fees.

Capability 5 - Comprehensive Unified Advertising Marketing Analysis and Planning

Let us review your current marketing and design a unified comprehensive integrated marketing plan that incorporates both conventional and online advertising. This can include print, on air, out of home, banner, news, search engine raking, online banners/tiles, pay per click/view messages and partnership links. This is the service that will help your company break through to the next level. Prices are available upon request. Do not provide erroneous contact informationIf you do, we will not provide you with the information you seek. The information you enter will be verified. Fields with green asterisks * are required fields.

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